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World Gallery

Retailer:World Gallery
Description:Art prints, posters & framed classic, modern art & photography at WorldGallery.co.uk
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WorldGallery is the UK's first online art and framing gallery. We offer the finest quality prints and posters at prices significantly below those available in the high street. Prints start from about 5 and custom framed pictures, individually made to your order, from about 35. These are NOT mass produced items.

Visitors can frame their selections and purchase them through our 100% secure online shopping facility. Because we have unlimited gallery space we are able to offer tens of thousands of images, so never again will you have the frustration of not being able to find what you want in a shop with only a few hundred choices. Use our unique database keyword search to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for - if you want a picture of a horse, simply type in "horse" and see what you get! Refine your search with additional words; "modern horse" will show only horses painted in the last hundred years or so. Our category search is another useful way to browse prints, particularly if you are not sure exactly what sort of picture you want.

World Gallery

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