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Description:With 18 different games, Midasplayer is Europe’s first and largest platform for skill games.

At Midasplayer.com we love games and we love competing.  Now you can experience the thrill of competition by taking part in exciting game tournaments with people from all over Europe and the world, playing for small money stakes.

Every day, our gamers are winning thousands of euros in prizes, or taking part in free tournaments. We have players from every country in Europe but others come from as far away as Japan and Australia.


We are constantly adding features to Midasplayer, and we hope that you will keep coming back to see what's happening. But some things will always stay the same:

Fair Play - Because Midasplayer has so many players, it's easy for us to match players up against others of the same ability. Are you a novice? There are lots of beginners on Midasplayer and we match them against each other. If you are a strong player and are looking for a challenge, you will find others who will will take you on at your level.

Safety - It's fun and exciting to play on Midasplayer, but it's also safe. Players transact over a guaranteed secure connection and player funds are held in a ring-fenced stakeholder account. Players can withdraw their deposits and winnings at any time and we will send them out via Paypal.

100% Skill  - Winning at Midasplayer is all about skill.  Our site has been audited at  programming level by Germany's state certification body and the outcome of our tournaments was found to be "not influenced by random elements but only depends on the skill of the players".

Some of our most popular games include Midas Miner, Jungle Bubble, Solitaire and Pyramid.  Registration is easy, the games are great fun and payment is straightforward.



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