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Best of the Best

Retailer:Best of the Best
Description:Best of the Best - Best of the Best Supercars Competition Web Site - Win a car!

Best of the Best give you a chance to win your dream car, from Astons to Porsches to Ferraris. Operating online and in all major UK airports, we have given away over 70 supercars in our competitions. For every ticket sold a percentage is given to charity.

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Best of the Best was founded in 2000 and have since had over 60 winners of amazing cars, including nine Ferraris, eight Porsches, nine Mercedes and six Aston Martins. Tickets cost between 20-80 and are strictly limited, usually between 1500-3000, and a new winner is announced every few weeks.

You can win the cars display on this website. Cars vary from month to month, but are always the "best of the best". Enter by buying a ticket and using your skill and judgement to win the prize.

Best of the Best

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