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Description:TalkTalk reduces your phone bills with, the cheap home, international and business landline phone service from The Carphone Warehouse. Offering free broadband with their Talk3 Call Plan.

Free broadband up to 8Meg from TalkTalk

TalkTalk is the home phone company from The Carphone Warehouse. Customers who sign-up to TalkTalk can phone other TalkTalk customers across the UK (including Northern Ireland) for FREE! Plus we are offering FREE broadband up to 8 meg for customers who sign up to our Talk 3 International tariff.

Talktalk Landline

More and more people are switching to TalkTalk. For free calls and lower bills.

  • Four great plans, all cheaper than the BT equivalent
  • Easy to switch, all you need is a BT line
  • Manage your account online

Free Broadband when you join Talk3 Call Plan

High Speed Broadband Free

  • Up to 8 Meg ( 8 Megabits per second) Broadband
  • An enormous 40GB monthly usage allowance
  • Easy installation with TalkTalk's recommended modem

A great call plan - pay just 8.99 a month

  • Unlimited number of calls between all customers on the TalkTalk network for up to 3 hours per call at no extra cost
  • Unlimited number of inclusive calls to any local and national UK landline number, anytime

TalkTalk line rental - 11 (no extra cost as aready paid to BT)

  • We'll handle your monthly line rental instead of BT, at exactly the same price.
  • Includes voicemail.
  • All your home communication charges on a single bill.
  • A BT line is required. Service is available to most existing broadband users.
  • Our challenge: Your phone bill will be cheaper with us than BT, or we'll give you 1,000

Click here to join TalkTalk

Free broadband forever from TalkTalk


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