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Description:Yoga-ez- Yoga wear, mats, bags, supplies, meditation aids, relaxation music, sports bras supply the UK and the world. Body mind health solutions. Become inspired!

Yoga-ez is a comprehensive Yoga Body Mind Health site offering yoga, pilates, fitness workout wear - and the only internationally patented award winning Sports Bras range.

We offer a full range of yoga mind body supplies including mats, blocks, bags and accessories. Many products are organically sourced, fair trade and/or ecologically sound.

There is music from some of the best and most established musicians in the new age, meditation and relaxation field.

There are audio/video and DVD yoga teaching tools along with mind body health tools from the best teachers and personalities in this area.

Our information and interactive areas of the site with a forum for exchange and views offers the most comprehensive and effective fulcrum for Yoga Body Mind visitors.





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